Kato 10-1848 Series 211-0 10-Car Set N Scale
Kato 10-1848 Series 211-0 10-Car Set N Scale
Kato 10-1848 Series 211-0 10-Car Set N Scale

Kato 10-1848 Series 211-0 10-Car Set N Scale

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Series 211-0

-Products will be released as a 15-car set, the JR specification that connects two-story green cars, and the JNR specification that consists only of regular green cars as a special project item.
-You can enjoy the transition of the Tokaido Main Line Tokyo Exit medium-distance train from 111 series to 113 series to 211 series, and E231 series and E233 series on KATO and N gauge.

[Product features]
-The 10-car set and 5-car attached formation set are the N4 formation and N54 formation composed of Salo 212 (2-story) and Salo 211 (normal form) of the Tamachi train district seen around 1992. Productization
-Special project product commercialized N1 formation and N51 formation composed of Salo 210 and 211 (regular form) of the Tamachi train district in the late period of JNR in 1986.
-Reproduces the form where there is no bead or orange band on the curtain plate next to the curtain towards the end of the car, and there is a circular pedestal for the train radio antenna.
-The ventilator on the roof is reproduced with separate parts.
-Reproduce the difference in texture unique to stainless steel cars
- PS21 is newly set for pantograph
-Headlight/taillight reproduces the type with equal casing size. All leading cars have headlights/taillights and front display lighting (with off switch)
-The power vehicle is equipped with a slotless motor, and the attached formation is not equipped with traction tires in consideration of combined operation.
-The intermediate connection part is equipped with a body-mounted KATO coupler as standard. Realizes a realistic connection surface and smooth running
-The top connection part uses KATO coupler tightly connected type (no hook), and electric connected parts are included.
●Front display is "normal" installed. For replacement, the 10-car set and 5-car attachment set (JR specification) come with ``Rapid Acty'', and the special project item (Japan Railways specification) comes with ``Tokaido Line''.
●DCC friendly