Kato 10-326 Thunderbird 3 Car Add-On Set N Scale
Kato 10-326 Thunderbird 3 Car Add-On Set N Scale

Kato 10-326 Thunderbird 3 Car Add-On Set N Scale

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The Series 681 began commercial operation in 1995 as a limited express AC / DC train connecting Osaka and Hokuriku and is still known as “Thunderbird” (Super Raicho). It was JR West’s first limited express train, featuring a new, unique design and a number of new features.
The Thunderbird was also seen combined with its successor, the Series 683, in a 12 car composition.
With the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen line, the Series 681 has changed area of operation and some of the trains have had their design changed to the so-called “Shirasagi”. However, many of them are still active as “Thunderbird”.

-Properly reproduce the unique penetrating/non-penetrating head shape with a prototype of the 681 series <Thunderbird> as a prototype.
-Off-white tones, medium gray around the side windows, blue line under the window has been beautifully reproduced with a refreshing body paint color.
-The Thunderbird emblem on the side of the car body is beautifully expressed.
-Commercialize the 6-car basic formation and the 3-car extension formation as the actual car.
-Precisely reproduce rooftop devices such as lightning arresters and antennas as separate parts.
● The whistle, which is an accessory for the leading car, is changed to a whistle cover.
●Head/tail light lighting (bulb color LED adopted) The Kumoha 681 has an off switch.
-The coupler adopts a trolley mount KATO coupler close connection type (with hook).
-The penetration leading part of Kumoha 681 and Kuha 680 is equipped with KATO coupler expansion and contraction type. Realistic reproduction of the connection between the top cars.
● Employs a well-established power unit for stable driving.