Kato 11-731 Coupler Tight #2 Short 10 pcs N Scale

Kato 11-731 Coupler Tight #2 Short 10 pcs N Scale

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N gauge parts, KATO coupler dirty form # 2 New performance for train · short.

We will distribute new type of closely-packed KATO coupler parts to be equipped with 711 series suburban train
It will be in the form of a new performance train type which eliminates the hook under the coupler (mode of the electric coupler) and enables vehicle connection
Body mount for conventional type (with hook) For coupler mounting products, replacement coupler set
By replacing the hook with a new type of coupler that recreates a more realistic form, it is ideal for upgrading the appearance of the front of the vehicle and existing products
Depending on the length of the coupler, depending on how the neck of the coupler is swung, we will release two types / lengths

* It is not a form of completion of coupler set. (Assembly required)
* It is a set only of coupler body and spring, coupler receiver (coupler holder).
※ The coupler mounting base will be a form that diverts the original one.

● Recommended conformity vehicle
Kumoya 90, Kumoni 83 800 series, Kumoni 82 800 series, 101 series

Products that can be used for intermediate connecting surface】
115 series (300/800 series), 115 series, 151 series, 181 series
189 series national iron color "Asama", 485 series, 489 series, 581 series, 583 series

Product specifications
Scale: N gauge
Product form: vehicle parts
Quantity: 10 pieces