Kato 12605-4 UP FEF-3 Steam Locomotive #838 (Active Model) N Scale
Kato 12605-4 UP FEF-3 Steam Locomotive #838 (Active Model) N Scale

Kato 12605-4 UP FEF-3 Steam Locomotive #838 (Active Model) N Scale

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FEF-3 of a large steam locomotive for passengers of the American gigantic railroad company Union Pacific Railroad.
The dynamics preservation machine # 844 is currently active with the event train as a base, based in the Cheyenne agency district of Wyoming.
The excursion train is used when traveling the event train. Railway Passenger Transport in the 1950s Rail Passenger Transportation It consists of seven cars that remodeled and saved passengers when it was glamorous, transporting the personnel and equipment necessary for operation support, a museum building vehicle introducing the Union Pacific Railroad, a power car, and last A car with an observation deck called a business car is connected to the tail. It also commercializes a water tank car called a water tender, which loads water essential for steam locomotive operation.
It is an indispensable vehicle for FEF long distance operation.

The new car number # 838 (current working specification) will be added to FEF - 3 # 844 (black).
FEF-3 was used as a passenger tower and was active, but since the Showa 25 (1950), the diesel locomotive began to rise, the last active in the operation centered on freight traction.
In FEF-3, # 844 and # 838 are still two existing (currently 844 car registrations).
We will reproduce the powerful brave appearance of the active era such as glossless black paint and no decoration.
● FEF-3 # 838 reproduced the figure when it was active as the main operation of cargo traction during the later years of 1952 to 1959.
● Reproduce the rugged heavy-duty figure of freight transportation. · Black paint without gloss · No border decorations such as driving wheels, front wheels · Smoke room, fire room part has astringent silver color (gun meter) · Cab side face, tender side face, rear lettering is silver color.
● It was remodeled from coal fired to heavy oil fired and reproduced the figure equipped with the characteristic large-sized smoke removing board.
- A large running wheel for high speed running with a diameter of 2030 mm. It reproduces precisely with rods that complement the force.
- Power is equipped with a power unit with a flywheel equipped with a well-established coreless motor. Both running stability and traction are compatible.
● Head light head standard equipment. The number board on the side of the headlight also lights up. Red warning lights and tender lights are dummies.
● Reproduce characteristic tenders called 2 axis trolley + 5 short stems. Realized the minimum passing radius R282.

● Please enjoy a heavy driving scene born from the large running wheel of FEF - 3. Also enjoy the two-shot with # 844.