Kato 14-806-3 My Tram Classic RED N Scale
Kato 14-806-3 My Tram Classic RED N Scale

Kato 14-806-3 My Tram Classic RED N Scale

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The "My Tram" trams with their universal design that makes them fit into any region and era, are now here in a retro style. Because they are not modeled after a specific region or era, they can be used to represent any country's trams. Their simple design makes it easy to customize them however you want! Thanks to its compact car body, My Tram Classic can be run not only on tram track sets like the TV Series, but also on tracks with small radii like UNITRACK Compact and Diorama- kun. This way you can have fun with your tram no matter where!

・A tram with a universal design, inspired by Western trams.
・A simple design with the upper part of the body in white, while the lower part is either blue, green, red, or yellow. It does not have any car numbers or logos printed on.
・For every color variation, the window frame in the front and on the sides is brown.
・The power car is equipped with a small-sized coreless motor. The slow speed guarantees a stable and smooth running performance.
・The pantagraph is black.
・Includes signs that can be attached to two cars (blank) and stickers. With these, you can customize the tram however you want.