Kato 2-401  (HO)Cross Track 90 Degrees (1 pc.)
Kato 2-401  (HO)Cross Track 90 Degrees (1 pc.)

Kato 2-401 (HO)Cross Track 90 Degrees (1 pc.)

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The new 90-degree Crossing Track joins the Kato HO Scale UNITRACK System, a popular roadbed-and-rail track system.


● The 90-degree Crossing Track is an intersection of two tracks crossing each other at right angles.
● The rails in the center of the crossing do carry the electrical power being supplied to the layout enabling a train to pass on smoothly even at slow speed.
● Figure-8 layout configurations can be built using this crossing track.
● The 90-degree Crossing can be used individually or in multiple. When two or more crossings are used adjacent to one another the resulting track center distance is 60mm the HO UNITRACK standard for parallel tracks.

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