Kato 20-015 Ash Pit Track 186mm 2 Pcs 2 pcs

Kato 20-015 Ash Pit Track 186mm 2 Pcs 2 pcs

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Structure, Ash Pit line 186 mm (2 pcs.) It is.

Based on the enhancement of the N gauge UNITRACK line, we will release "Ash Pit Line 186 mm".
It is a perfect track for the reproduction of ash pits of the charcoal water line interior the agency district, adding ash pit detail to the concrete bedding, it is a gray monochrome appearance which imaged concrete actually used.
Also, the total track length will fit the garage product.
※ The main body of the track is the same as the one included in the 23-240 sector storehouse.

Good line for steam locomotives, rail tracks dug in
It is recommended to install in the coal bed · water supply tower (23-229 coal feed / water supply set) in the engine section
At the stop position of the station home where water supply is on the main line, together with the sport (23-228 sport / transformer pillar)
Best match for wooden storehouse (23-225) In the past, the track part inside the cabinet, which used the usual uni-track, transformed into an ash pit line with a more realistic look.
Ideal for the locomotive district for electric locomotives and diesel locomotives
Two pieces of product

Product specifications
Scale: N gauge
Quantity: 2