Kato 20-043 62mm Dual Feeder Track WS62FPC N Scale

Kato 20-043 62mm Dual Feeder Track WS62FPC N Scale

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20-043 62mm Dual Feeder Track WS62FPC

It is a UNITRACK double track. This product is a feeder track.
The length is 62 mm · 1 piece and S 62 mm · 1 piece. Power pack is sold separately.

A single item of the double track series will be released.
- The curved part of the double track has a cant (tilt), and the tilt of the vehicle when passing the curve is
"It's a realistic reproduction."
- When entering a curve, adopt a relaxation cant curve called an approach line. Gradually to Kant curve
-The curve has L/R, and if you connect the approach tracks continuously, you can create an S-shaped curve.
-Various plans can be developed by connecting with the already released Unitrack track
- Unitrack is easy and reliable
The unijoiner (rail connecting part) makes it easy to connect the rails and has good conductivity
You can enjoy good and stable driving.
- Realistic texture
Adopting an I-shaped cross section that is a reduced version of the actual rail shape, the sleepers are modern
A PC (concrete) sleeper has been reproduced. In addition, the "curve with cant" where the vehicle actually tilts
A wide range of layouts, from floor layouts to fixed layouts, with realistic tracks
"You can use it."

[Double track feeder line set]
-The double-track feeder line is the entrance that flows the running current from the power pack to the line,
 Connect with the included dedicated cord.
- Contents of the set:
・Double track feeder line 62mm x 1
・Double-track straight track 62mm x 1
・Feeder cord x 2
-UNITRACK N gauge track
-Reproduce modern concrete sleepers!