Kato 20-048 Unitruck 50.5mm 2" Bumper Type C S50B-C  N Scale

Kato 20-048 Unitruck 50.5mm 2" Bumper Type C S50B-C N Scale

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Diorama railway crossing with emergency alarms and breakers is always new.
We will release it in a configuration including a single track railroad track (relay rail track).

Diorama railroad crossing line that can enjoy the atmosphere cheaply / easily. Single railroad crossing full kit including railroad section straight track (relay rail track) with a length of 124 mm.
You can enjoy the reality of the real "1st kind railroad crossing" complete with alarm and breaker in the floor layout.
Instead of gimmicks such as lighting / operation, it is commercialized at a low price. Blocking can be reproduced manually by opening / closing condition.
The alarm device is located on the left side of the road, the interrupter is arranged on both sides in front and back them.
You can use it regardless of age as a standard alarm and cutoff machine colored with black / yellow.
In slopes that also serve as bases for building alarms and breakers, relay housings, cable troughs and the like that raise the atmosphere are also reproduced with a mold.
The width (road width) of the road part (slope, treadboard, transition plate) is 54 mm (real thing equivalent 8 m). It matches roads of existing products such as geotown.
The railway track is adopted as a part of the track, and the derailment recovery function is installed on the real appearance.