Kato 20-051 Double Track Widening Section WA310PC-L N Scale

Kato 20-051 Double Track Widening Section WA310PC-L N Scale

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N Scale 20-051 Double Track Widening Section WA 310 PC-L

V15 Double track extension line included in the track line set appears as a single item. This item is on the left of the multi-line expanding line 310 mm.
It is an item that changes the layout plan of a double track with a combination of a double track, a single track, and a double track, and it is relaxed with a length of 310 mm, which extends the line interval from 33 mm to 66 mm.
You can enjoy creating various uni-track line plans depending on the idea, such as not only the reproduction of the station premises but also the setting up of the electric line and the evacuation line of the signal place.
Representation of the track is a PC concrete sleepers with the same sleeper spacing as the double track, reproducing the trunk line.
It is also compatible with multi-track with cant, it is an item that doubles the fun of driving.

Product Features
Item that widens KATO UNITRACK standard double-line interval 33 mm to 66 mm
You can recreate a natural S-shaped curve instead of a circular shape and enjoy a realistic train running
Represent the heavy railway trunk line in the expression of PC concrete sleepers

Product content
Multiple line widening line 310 mm left × 1