Kato 20-231 Double Track One Cross Turnout No. 4 Right  N Scale

Kato 20-231 Double Track One Cross Turnout No. 4 Right N Scale

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Unitrack standard size with a length of 248mm, compact size that is easy to use. You can enjoy space-saving driving.
Based on left-hand traffic, two types are released at the same time: the right branching off to the right and the left merger. Of course, the double track interval is 33mm.
The one-way crossing that combines two pairs of 4th points has been combined into one point. Easy to install and easy to install.
The expression of PC concrete sleepers, which is the basis of double track, and the point part reproduce the latest specifications of synthetic sleepers often seen in recent years.
A motorized point that can be switched to straight tracks (crossovers) with a single lever or point switch. The point machine is completely inside the roadbed.
Line energization can be switched between selectable and non-selective, just like the conventional 4th point. Permanent insulation between multiple wires prevents short circuit when switching.
Can be used as a spring point with non-selection setting. Compatible with various driving scenes, such as turning around at intermediate stations.
* Point switches are sold separately.