Kato 20-652 Automatic Crossing Gate S N Scale
Kato 20-652 Automatic Crossing Gate S N Scale

Kato 20-652 Automatic Crossing Gate S N Scale

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UNITRACK Automatic Railroad Crossing S that brings out the charm of a railroad passing vehicle to the fullest with a real movement is newly introduced at an affordable price!

· Compatible with multi-line from single wire to 3 double wire (6 wire)
· The alarm sound contains four kinds of sounds
· Infrared type vehicle detection sensor adopted
· Reproduce modern-style first-class automatic railroad crossing
· The flashing alarm adopting the LED is a plug-in type considering repair
· Compact design that eliminates the control box and supplies power from the AC adapter to the railroad crossing body
In case
● New automatic railroad crossing of UNITRACK S.
● Direct supply from the AC adapter, easy to handle and clean look.
● By combining double-line set, it corresponds to double-track that develops from single wire to 3 double wires (6 wire).
● Four types of railroad cross alarm sounds are set. Easy selection, volume adjustment is also possible.
● Adoption of an infrared sensor operating circuit independent of the track. It operates even when the line is not energized, and it also supports DCC operation.
● A cable (length 1 m) connecting the railroad crossing main body and the sensor line can pass under the railway track, so it is compatible in both fineness and strength.
● Reproduce the contemporary-style first-class automatic railroad crossing that eliminated the small store. Flashing alarm adopting LED is plug-in type considering repair.
Even during malfunction, easy reset with reset switch.

This item is Japanese, 100V .Please be careful of your country`s Voltage (100V -> 240V), you must must use Voltage Converter !!! US and Canadian customers would be able to plug directly to your outlet. And, the plug type Is a. I think, there is changing plug near store in your country, but, if there is nothing in your country, please contact to us.