Kato 20-872 UNITRACK Variation Set V13 N Scale

Kato 20-872 UNITRACK Variation Set V13 N Scale

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Double-track with cant in slab orbit Plan for elevated track. It is a uni-track with "cant" where the vehicle leans to the real with the world's first curve. Realistically reproduce the slab orbit (concrete orbit without ballast) often seen in the elevated part of Shinkansen or Suburban Route · curved line with cant. Kant is a mechanism that disperses the centrifugal force by making a difference in elevation between the inner line of the curve and the outer line so as to make the train pass smoothly at the curve portion, as well as being used in the real railway Technology. KATO's V line set "V 11 ~ V 14" · As with real thing, we use a combination of approach line to gradually height difference at the entrance and exit of the curve and curved track of the cant part with a difference in height. Please note how to connect the approach line. Two power packs are required to play with a multi-track line V13 To play with the layout plan alone, two power packs are required. If you have the power pack included with the starter set / M1 / ​​M2 set, please add another one. Power packs are not included with each V11, V12, V13 multi-track line set. Please purchase as necessary.

<Contents of set> 

Double-track elevated track (slab track) Line 248 mm WS 248 VS × 8

Curve R 414/381 mm - 22.5 ° WR 414/381 - 45 VS 6 Approach line L WR 414/381 - 22.5 VSAL × 2

Approach line R WR 414/381 - 22.5 VSAR × 2

2 feeder cords × 2 (One-touch connection with connector on the back side of the elevated track) Elevated section bridge piers Multi-line elevated pier x 18

Wide overhead pillar × 18

Accessories Relay guides, instructions, etc., plan variation guide