Kato 20-891 CV2 UNITRACK Compact Multi-purpose Turnout N Scale

Kato 20-891 CV2 UNITRACK Compact Multi-purpose Turnout N Scale

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UNITRACK compact CV-2 exchange wire electric point set.

New Versaion

A new electric point set point single item will appear in the Unitrack Compact.
-A small point corresponding to a small radius track composed of R150, and a circle with a radius of 150mm can be configured by adding curved track R150-45°. It is an assembly type track system with a track bed that allows you to easily enjoy driving a small N gauge vehicle in a small space.
●Using a single track and black sleepers, the appearance is the Unitrack standard.
-Of course, the point machine has a built-in trackbed and features a clean appearance.
-Since the Unitrack Compact is for vehicles using the KATO product Unitram / small power system, it is not suitable for running other normal N gauge vehicles.
●When using, please check the minimum passing curve radius of the vehicle to be driven.

[Description of product features]
●Unitrack Compact Set CV-1 (#20-890) is a point set that allows you to exchange vehicles.
- Consists of EP 150-45L x 1, EP150-45R x 1, curve R150-45 x 2, point switch x 2

*This track has a small curve radius, so there are restrictions on the number of vehicles that can run.
* Reproduced product with price revision. There is no change in product specifications.