Kato 2021 Steam Locomotive C11 N Scale
Kato 2021 Steam Locomotive C11 N Scale

Kato 2021 Steam Locomotive C11 N Scale

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C11, which has an axle arrangement of three front wheels and one front and second wheels (1C2), is a vehicle that represents Japan's tank-type steam locomotives. It was manufactured.
The JNR era was used extensively because it was small and could be used for both customers and was active throughout the country. Even now, JR Hokkaido, JR East, Oigawa Railway, etc. are operated and are gaining popularity.
The small car body is suitable for driving in small layouts and small spaces, and you can enjoy back driving and small organization driving unique to tank machines.
● The prototype is a cubic model manufactured in 1940-18 (1943).
● Commercialized the form seen after the middle of 1965. LP42 front light / spoke front wheel / follower wheel / equipped with ATS generator / no increase in carbonization / no rotary fire powder stop / no bypass valve inspection window / CP exhaust pipe and muffler mounted on the rear of the chimney
● Equipped with a coreless motor, it can drive around 6 old passenger cars with interior lights.
● The minimum passing radius is set by R216.
● Headlights are on, and the front and back are on.
● The coupler is set with the Arnold Coupler (includes replacement knuckle coupler) and the front dummy (includes arnold coupler and knuckle coupler for heavy-duty, back operation).
● The optional license plates are "174" "193" "223" "235".
● It is possible to attach a snow plow attached to the optional C12.