Kato 2024-1 C57 1  Steam Locomotive N Scale
Kato 2024-1 C57 1  Steam Locomotive N Scale
Kato 2024-1 C57 1  Steam Locomotive N Scale

Kato 2024-1 C57 1 Steam Locomotive N Scale

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The No. 1 steam locomotive C57 was preserved in Umekoji Steam Locomotive Pavilion and picked up for the comeback of steam locomotive service which started in September, 1979. It is the steam locomotive which celebrates the 40th anniversary since the start of operation of steam locomotive train “Yamaguchi”.
The main steam locomotive to draw “Yamaguchi” is C57 1 and it is an indispensable item to draw passenger car set of series 35 4000. This is a recommendable item not only for such hobbyists who already own the scale models of Series 35 Passenger Set or D51 200 but also for those who want to buy “Steam Locomotive Sightseeing Train “Yamaguchi”.
As realized in real trains, double heading with D51 200 is also recommendable.


● The scale model is based on the locomotive which has been in service as “Yamaguchi” since Sep., 2017, and as “Kita Biwako (North Biwa Lake)” in summer and autumn of 2018.
● It is painted in subdued matt black like D51 200.
● Details such as bands, deflectors, inspection window frames or the cylinder rims are reproduced with decorative golden color. The smoke room door handle, boiler handrails and check valves are represented in silver.
● Equipped with power unit with coreless motor and flywheel to realize stable running performance.
● Headlight goes on with light bulb color LED. (Tender lights do not come on.)
● Double heading is possible by exchanging the coupler using the attached coupler for double heading.
● Letterings including the manufacturer’s plate, etc. are printed on the body. Selectable number plates are packed with the product on black and red ground color for choice.
● Head mark “Steam Locomotive Yamaguchi” and “Steam Locomotive Kita Biwako (North Biwa Lake)” are included in the package.


  • ●KATO Coupler (20 PCS.) N Black (PAT.) Item No.:11-702
  • ●MAGNEMATIC Coupler MT-10 Item No.:11-711 MSRP
  • ●These couples can be attached only to the tail of the locomotive.