Kato 22-203-9 Sound Card Series E231 Suburban Model

Kato 22-203-9 Sound Card Series E231 Suburban Model

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Unitrack's control equipment series, Sound Box, adds realistic sound to your model railroad. It is a good item that you can enjoy the realistic "sound" in the driver's seat and easily become a "driver", and rediscover the "healing" and "joy of driving" by running a model railroad.
By adding a sound card to the sound box (sold separately), you can realize driving that combines sound and model railroad, and the fun of driving the vehicle will expand.

● Product details
Sound tuning

Operation sound reproduced with function buttons
① Horn
Two types of tones, "electric whistle" and "electric whistle", can be selected according to your preference.
② Door
(Only when the vehicle is stopped) Each time the button is pressed, "open door" and "closed door" will sound alternately. Repeated hits are also possible.
③ Braking
(While driving) A squeal sound (fricative) sounds, and when you press it again or stop, the sound stops.
(While the vehicle is stopped) The braking release sound (air discharge sound) at the time of departure sounds once.
The bell sound of ATS-P will ring once. Repeated hits are also possible.
⑤ Affair
(During running) The running sound switches to coasting and keeps the running speed of the vehicle.
If you press it again or change the speed, the running sound will return to power running (or braking).
If you drive the vehicle while pressing the (stopped) button, the travel will be synchronized with the controller.
⑥ Buzzer
The buzzer sounds while the button is pressed. Produces a communication signal between crew members.
* Equipped with an emergency stop function. If you press the eject button while driving, the vehicle will stop immediately.