Kato 22-204-3 Sound Card <Old Model National Train of Iida Line> (N)

Kato 22-204-3 Sound Card (N)

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22-204-3 Sound card <Old model national train of Iida line>
A lineup of old-fashioned national train sound cards.
Including the reproduction of MT30 series motor sound, quiet electric motor, old-fashioned compressor that echoes in the car body, classical opening and closing sound of semi-automatic door, old-fashioned automatic brake and brake squeal of cast iron brake shoes, etc. Sound is reproduced.
The hand flute of the conductor or station staff who informs the departure is also recorded as a production when driving.
With the sound tuning type card, you can enjoy acceleration / deceleration that follows the running sound as if you were driving an actual vehicle.
In controller priority mode, the vehicle runs according to the operation of the power pack, similar to a controller-tuned sound card. Even those who are starting a sound card can easily enjoy it.
By loading this product into the sound box, it is possible to operate in the "controller priority mode" even with the sound tuning type card of the existing product.
A "function label" compatible with the sound box is included in the package.