Kato 22-205-1 Sound Card "Rail Joint Sound"

Kato 22-205-1 Sound Card "Rail Joint Sound"

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A new soundcard for you to enjoy model railroading at home. In addition to rail joint sounds, environmental sounds such as departure bells, whistles, crossings, railway bridges and tunnels can be added to your rolling stock to create various scenes.


Sounds and functions reproduced by function buttons.
Some sounds and functions may differ between stopping/running.

・Horn: Typhon/Whistle/Electric Horn
・Door/Tunnel: Door opening & closing sounds/Tunnel transit sound
・Bell/Brake: Departure bell 1/Brake squeeling
・Bell/Crossing: Departure bell 2/Sound of passing a railway crossing
・Bridge: Sound of passing over a railway bridge
・Whistle/Curve: Staff & conductor hand whistle/Squeeling in curves