Kato 22-221-2 Sound Card < C62 Steam Locomotive >
Kato 22-221-2 Sound Card < C62 Steam Locomotive >

Kato 22-221-2 Sound Card < C62 Steam Locomotive >

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Commercialization of a sound card for the C62, known as a passenger steam locomotive.
Ideal for towing pre-electrified flower-shaped limited express trains such as "Yuzuru" by 20 series Blue Train, "Tsubame", "Hato", and "Kamome".
By reproducing the powerful blast sound of a large machine that towed a limited express or express train on the highest grade main line, you can create the feeling of driving an actual car.
Please enjoy the synchronization of the running and blast sound of our C62 products and the operating sound of the automatic coal feeder (mechanical stalker) that is indispensable for the high-speed running of the actual C62. It is recommended to combine it with the # 2017-6 "C62 Joban type (Yuzuru traction machine)" on sale.
This product is a "controller tuning" type sound card. The running sound changes according to the acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle.
In the JNR era, the sound card for C62, which towed the flower-shaped limited express train before electrification, was fully released.
Many new sound sources have been produced to realistically reproduce the power of the C62 and the realism of driving.
By pressing the six function buttons, the sounds emitted from the work and equipment by the engineer or engine assistant, such as whistle and charcoal throwing, will sound.
The operating noise of the automatic stoker that was used continuously when towing a limited express train can be turned on and off with the function button while driving.
The controller-tuned type card allows you to enjoy the driving sensation that is integrated with the locomotive, such as from departure to acceleration, in a realistic and easy manner.
A "function label" compatible with the sound box is included in the package.