Kato 22-242-7 Sound_card_211kei_5000
Kato 22-242-7 Sound_card_211kei_5000

Kato 22-242-7 Sound_card_211kei_5000

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Sound Card Series

●Enjoy a realistic model train experience while feeling the changes in running sounds depending on the running conditions
●By pressing the six function buttons, you can enjoy the running of the model with running sounds, auxiliary equipment operation sounds, door chimes, and boarding and alighting prompt sounds
●Reproduces the running sounds of trains using field excitation control, which dominated the era from the launch of JR until the transition to VVVF control
●Function button number 4 contains the "boarding and alighting prompt" sound, which is optimal when coupled with the 313 series
●Sound-synchronized cards allow you to enjoy the feeling of driving a real train with acceleration/deceleration that follows the running sound
●When the sound box is turned off, the previous tuning mode is memorized and the setting is maintained the next time it is started up, with a "save tuning setting" function
●A "function label" compatible with the sound box is included in the package