Kato 22-251-3 Sound Card “SL HITOYOSHI”
Kato 22-251-3 Sound Card “SL HITOYOSHI”

Kato 22-251-3 Sound Card “SL HITOYOSHI”

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● The sound card will be released for "Steam Locomotive Train Hitoyoshi", one of popular sightseeing trains run by JR Kyushu. This is an extra rapid train lead by a steam locomotive traveling between Kumamoto and Hitoyoshi. the locomotive and passenger cars are painted black and gorgeously decorated.

◆ Adding the sound to running the model, you can enjoy more charm of the real train of "Steam Locomotive Hitoyoshi" and lively atmosphere of excursion.
①While feeling realistically the change of train's running sound according to the moving state, you can enjoy driving the scale model.
②The recorded sound source of real railroad crossing, bridge and tunnel enables the imagination of real train's traveling scene.
③Pressing 6 function buttons for sound of whistle, passing bridge or tunnel creates soundscape while driving the train.

◆ Sound or function reproducible by function buttons
Some are automatically switched depending on the state of the train, stopping or moving.