Kato 22-271-1 Sound Card "DD51" Diesel Locomotive Sound
Kato 22-271-1 Sound Card "DD51" Diesel Locomotive Sound

Kato 22-271-1 Sound Card "DD51" Diesel Locomotive Sound

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Unitrack's control equipment series, Sound Box, adds realistic sound to your model railroad. It is a good item that you can enjoy the realistic "sound" in the driver's seat and easily become a "driver", and rediscover the "healing" and "joy of driving" by running a model railroad.
By adding a sound card to the sound box (sold separately), you can drive with a fusion of sound and model railroad, and enjoy driving the vehicle.

Sound card <DD51> ・ ・ ・ "Controller priority mode"
・ A lineup of sound cards for Japanese liquid diesel locomotives.
-The prototype is a vehicle that has undergone A renewal work (renewal work that does not involve engine renewal) among the DD51s that are active in the Aichi engine district. You can enjoy both freight and passengers.
-Reproduce the powerful and heavy engine sound. Reproduces changes in starting sound / idling-acceleration / running sound unique to liquid diesel locomotives.
-Reproduce the sound of connecting and disconnecting freight cars and passenger cars.
-Reproduce the impact sound that the coupler is pulled step by step when pulling out.
-Sound-tuned type cards allow you to enjoy acceleration / deceleration that follows the running noise as if you were driving an actual vehicle.
-In controller priority mode, the vehicle runs according to the operation of the power pack, similar to the controller tuning type sound card. Even those who are starting a sound card can easily enjoy it.
-By loading this product into the sound box, it is possible to operate in the "controller priority mode" even with the sound tuning type card of the existing product.
-A "function label" compatible with the sound box is included in the package.