Kato 23-065 Single Track Steel Catenary Pole 20 pcs  N Scale
Kato 23-065 Single Track Steel Catenary Pole 20 pcs  N Scale

Kato 23-065 Single Track Steel Catenary Pole 20 pcs N Scale

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As a new accessory part of UNITRACK, a single wire steel overhead wire pillar will be added as a new lineup.
The simple overhead catenary pole is not only seen in the region's simplified electrified routes, elevated bridges, temporary line sections under construction, but also in overseas railways such as Swiss raceway railroads.
In addition to usual overhead pole posts, this product also includes auxiliary overhead pillars used for sharp turns and the like.
It is used by standing between ordinary overhead catenary pillars and overhead catenary pillars and can be enjoyed in conjunction with the sharp curve of UNITRACK Compact etc.
It is compatible with "Alpine Glacier Express" and "Ratish Railway ABe 8/12 <Allegra>" "Ratish Railway <Bernina Express" and is ideal for reproducing the Swiss railway scenery.
Ideal for reproducing the scenery of the real simplified electrified route / elevated section / temporary part and "Alpine glacier limited express". It can also be used for double track elevated routes system.
It reproduces the real appearance, the simple appearance using the H-shaped steel body in the main body and the calm silver color of the galvanizing style.
Standards such as how to assemble and assembling position follow 23-059 single wire overhead posts. The overhead pillar conforms to 23-056 overhead pole post set etc.
A structure that does not interfere with the overhead pole column even if a Swiss-type narrow gauge vehicle such as "Alpine glacier limited express" or "Ratish railway ABe 8/12 <Allegra" passes through R150 mm.
Product content
Overhead wire pillar × 15
Auxiliary overhead wire post × 5