Kato 23-136 Local Line Station Parts Set (N)
Kato 23-136 Local Line Station Parts Set (N)

Kato 23-136 Local Line Station Parts Set (N)

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Introducing a new structure that enhances your rural areas! This small train station is fully assembled and fits perfectly in all kinds of sceneries. It is suitable for a wide range of railway models from steam locomotives of the JNR era to the most recent electric vehicles. We recommend single car trains up to 4-car trains like the Iida Line Series. However it is also perfect for private, pre-modernization railway lines near the metropolitan area. Additional platforms are available to expand the size of the station and a lighting kit is available, too, so you can light up your station.

Local line station yard parts set
・ In addition to railroad crossings on the premises, a set containing runner parts that can reproduce platform benches, station name signs, telephone booths and vending machines near the entrance and exit of station buildings, etc.
・ The railroad crossing (railroad crossing) that can be used for both single track and double track, and the track spacing can be selected from two types: standard 33 mm and 49.5 mm corresponding to the plan using the electric Y-shaped point.
・ Included runner parts: Station name sign, famous place signboard, planter, wooden bench, electric pole (with lamp expression), ticket gate fence (wooden), home fence, post box (round / square), beverage vending machine (round / square) Large / Small), Vending Machine Recycle Bin, Repeater, Number Display, Stop Position Target, Speaker, Train Approach Display, Telephone Box