Kato 23-161 Suburban One-Sided Platform DX Set (N)
Kato 23-161 Suburban One-Sided Platform DX Set (N)

Kato 23-161 Suburban One-Sided Platform DX Set (N)

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23-161 Suburban One-Sided Platform DX Set

A new modern suburban type platform DX is now coming out. That is all new and allows you to enjoy it also with illumination.
# 23-000 Platform DX illumination kit will create a night scene on a station platform easily.
This platform can be used on a track layout on the floor. This product sets up a platform, which is often seen in a relatively new station, in N scale. As it is a complete product, you can make a realistic station with it very handily.
Combination with # 23-163 Platform Door set for a 4-door train (6 carriages x 2 sides) will enable to represent the platform doors which are furnished at a conventional railway station crowded with passengers.

● Platform DX is characterized in the appearance with the upper roofs like the conventional one. This structure works as a beam to support the catenary which is modeled after those adopted in many Shinkansen stations.
● Combination with new optional items which will be simultaneously released will reproduce platform doors or illuminate the inside of the platforms-most suitable item to reproduce the modern suburban platforms.
● The product is furnished with conductive rails in a fashion that they are invisible from outside. Connection of these rails by Unijoinger just like track rails allows illumination of multiple platforms which connected to each other.