Kato 23-166 Platform Equipment

Kato 23-166 Platform Equipment

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"Store", "waiting room/elevator" and "home accessories" are now available as items that color the suburban home DX.
-It is an indispensable structure for reproducing the scene of modern homes, and all products are developed based on facilities that are often seen in modern times.
-In addition to separately sold lighting and platform doors, you can reproduce the modern home scene by arranging each facility.
-By arranging more dolls, it is possible to reproduce more realistic everyday scenes.
*It is a product that has been set to be affordable by dividing the contents of the old product 23-118 suburban home upgrade set (23-118 is discontinued).

[Product Features]
-Facilities perfect for reproducing the scenery of the suburban home DX, [store], [waiting room / elevator], [home accessories] are now available
- You can upgrade the home to your favorite scene and enjoy it.

-Various facilities that add detail, scenes, and color to the suburban home DX.
-A lineup of small items that are often seen hanging from the eaves of the home or on or near the home end. Important for operation such as camera and monitor TV
●Items. (with 2 runners)
●There is no sticker included. Downloadable data for signboards and interior design sheets will be distributed on the website
-Add a lively scene to the home scene with the separately sold doll! It seems to be good to apply in front of the station.

【set content】
- Camera (hanging type) × 8
- Monitor TV (hanging type) x 4
- Monitor TV (freestanding) x 4
-Departure machine display (hanging type) x 8
-Departure machine display (freestanding type) x 4
-Stop position sign (freestanding) x 4