Kato 23-407	Family Restaurant B (A) N Scale

Kato 23-407 Family Restaurant B (A) N Scale

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New Small Strip Mall is now joining the KATO selection of scenery accessories. Based on popular one-story shop complexes, this type of structure is commonly seen along the railroads and highways. Pre-assembled and molded in color, the Small Strip Mall can be placed at various locations on your layout with or without parking areas. The Small Strip Mall can be combined with the new "Metro" series structures to expand commercial and business property activity near a rail station.

Family restaurant Denny's
・A one-story roadside family restaurant with impressive large bright windows and a gently hipped roof.
・Denny's (Japanese restaurant chain) will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2023. Prototype commercialization of a store styled after Denny's during the period when family restaurants became popular.
・A separate Denny's logo sign will be erected on the site, and the greenery planted around the parking lot and store will be effective.
・You can enjoy creating the grounds and store with cars and dolls sold separately.
・Painted finished product (for sale in Japan only)
・The building itself can be used even if it is removed from the site.
・Base size: W186mm x D162mm x H66mm (total height), including main body: W151mm x D99mm x H41mm (roof)