Kato 23-477 Corner Shop 3 (Artificial Stone,Left) N Scale

Kato 23-477 Corner Shop 3 (Artificial Stone,Left) N Scale

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23-477 Corner Shop 3 (Artificial Stone,Left)

●“Local Structure Series” Realistic reproduction of nostalgic “mental scenery” in N gauge size!
-The nostalgic Showa era townscape can be faithfully reproduced with N gauge railway models and scenic models, and can be used for a wide range of purposes, from old-fashioned local scenery to current local city scenery.

●The N gauge sized building ``Signboard Architecture Store'' decorates the ``Showa townscape'' that overlaps with the era of railroads.
-It is a structure that matches a wide range of things such as dioramas that are particular about period settings and reproductions of townscapes in various places with attractive retro architecture. We offer a lineup of buildings, etc. that make up the streets of local cities and their surroundings, which spread out from local train stations, with elaborate details and coloring.
- Not only the design and coloring of the building, and the type of store, but also the creation of "left/right", "frontage dimensions (width 50 mm/62 mm)", and "with/without corner cut shape", various street corners can be created. You can enjoy it as a landmark of the scene. All are painted finished products that reproduce signboards etc. (There are no attached stickers).

[Main features]
●The front of the building (facade) is finished in a masonry style, giving it an elegant exterior and a shape with large corner cuts.
●The first floor is a stationery store, and the left side is a corner store facing the road.
●Base size: Width 50mm x Depth 81mm x Height 53mm (based on Geotown standards)