Kato 23-576   18D Container  5 pcs  N Scale

Kato 23-576 18D Container 5 pcs N Scale

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As many as 23,600 pcs. of 18D container were manufactured from 1988 to 1991 by JR Freight to replace JR type containers. The exterior is painted blue on which base cream patterns are separately painted. Because of the large production quantity, it made the majority of containers at a stretch so as to build an epoch in 1990s. Nonetheless, it was replaced with 19D or 20D containers due to aging in the later years and finally decommissioned in 2013.


・ Production of 18D container mounted in <10-317 Koki 104 2-car set> as a single item
・ Set with 5 units for 1 car wagon such as Koki 104
・ Select the numbers "4097", "7801", "10706", "13679", "18081"
-Added yellow handle and fork insertion position printing. For a more realistic appearance