Kato 24-326 Small Plants - Dark Green N Scale
Kato 24-326 Small Plants - Dark Green N Scale

Kato 24-326 Small Plants - Dark Green N Scale

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KATO's Woodland Scenics diorama material lineup "Landscape System".
In addition to expanding various diorama materials that are indispensable for reproducing scenes such as trees and forests of various sizes, we will review the product composition of conventional products and integrate them as a "landscape system". In particular, plant-based materials are available in 6 different particle sizes and various colors, and can be used to express richer plant scenes.
It is a material suitable for reproducing the grass that grows on the ground and the leaves of trees. It can be used directly on the ground or used as a tree material to reproduce trees.
There are 6 types of particle size of the material, nano, small, medium, large, giga, and tera, and it can be widely used from the expression of fine leaves to the expression of grass and mountains with overlapping leaves.
24-316 ~ 318, 552 Plants Sheet Various types are materials for lumpy leaves, which are suitable for expressing vines and overlapping leaves. Use it by cutting or stretching it as needed.
The conventional "24-310 to 315 turf", "24-316 to 318 foliage", "24-319 to 321 foliage cluster" and "24-322 to 326 coaster" will also be integrated into this product group. ..