Kato 25-000 Kato N/HO Catalog 2023 Japanese
Kato 25-000 Kato N/HO Catalog 2023 Japanese
Kato 25-000 Kato N/HO Catalog 2023 Japanese

Kato 25-000 Kato N/HO Catalog 2023 Japanese

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A must-have book for model railroad fans from beginners to veterans, "KATO N gauge/HO gauge model railroad catalog 2023" will appear.
We have mainly posted products that are scheduled to be released or reproduced within 2023.
For those who are new to model railroading, there are plenty of hints and advice such as the easy-to-understand "Starter Edition", how model railroads work, and the development of track plans, so it is perfect for those who have just started model railroading.
● On the front cover, the upper row shows the locomotives of JR Freight, and the lower row shows the 300 series 0 series Shinkansen "Nozomi". The back cover is Kumoha 52 Iida Line.
● Introducing KATO products in detail. It will be useful for adding vehicles and creating layouts, and will be a good partner for your model railroad life.
● A4 size, full color 300 pages (including cover)
- QR code that allows easy access to the KATO homepage from the magazine is posted
●Prices are listed as the total amount including consumption tax added to the unit price of the product.

● Contents
・KATO's commitment to model railroads
・Enjoyment of N gauge
・Mechanism of N gauge
・What is KATO?
・Let's make a familiar model shop
・Participate in a model railroad contest
・ Let's start with the starter set The first N gauge
・Best selection that you can start from your favorite vehicle
・Unitrack V line set series
・Precautions in handling/Before considering failure
・Railway Model Glossary
・For more convenient viewing of the catalog
・Let's find a local vehicle

- N gauge
·bullet train
·Electric train
・[Column] How to find Assy parts ・How to replace with slotless motor
・[Column] Make the one-motion design of KATO's model train 300 series "Nozomi" a reality
・Private railway
・[Column] Type designation for trains, diesel cars, passenger cars, and freight cars
・[Column] Locomotive type designation
・Passenger car/Freight car
・Foreign vehicle
·Optional parts

-N gauge track

・[Column] Realistic placement of single-track catenary poles

● HO gauge
・(HO) Locomotive
・(HO) Passenger and Freight Cars
・[Column] The joy of travel starts from “dream space”/(HO) slide track 212-252mm module layout utilization technique
・(HO) trains and railcars
・[Column] HO coupler basic knowledge
・[Column] Compatibility with HO gauge rail "code"

- HO gauge track

● Diorama
・Terrain system
・Landscape system

・Information (Hobby Center Kato, ASSY parts, custom shop, online shop/mail order, repair request)
·price list
・KATO registered dealer list
・KATO Archives