Kato 25-000 N/HO Catalog 2021 Japanese

Kato 25-000 N/HO Catalog 2021 Japanese

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This Catalogue is japanese , however , if you are interested the photo of Kato , please get it .

Features Features
● On the cover, the upper row is a lineup of limited express trains from all over Japan, and the lower row is the 8620 triple Hanawa Line freight train and the small station building on the local line.
● Introducing KATO products in detail. It will be useful for vehicle expansion and layout production, and will be a good partner for your model railroad life.
● A4 version, full color 284 pages (including cover)
● KATO Archives 2018-2020, a digest of products from 2018 onwards
● Various columns and planned product information
● Posted a QR code that allows easy access to the KATO homepage from the magazine
● Prices are listed in total with the product unit price plus consumption tax.

● Contents
・ The world of KATO N gauge steam locomotives
・ KATO model railroad steam locomotive manufacturing commitment
・ Fun of N gauge
・ Mechanism of N gauge
・ Start with a starter set
・ Start with your favorite vehicle
・ Track plan that spreads with V series

・ N gauge Hokkaido area trains and railcars
・ N gauge East Japan area trains and railcars
・ N gauge Tokai area trains and railcars
・ N gauge trains and railcars in western Japan and Shikoku
・ N gauge Kyushu area train edition
・ N gauge JNR train / diesel train
・ N gauge Shinkansen edition
・ N gauge locomotive / passenger car / freight car edition
・ N gauge foreign type vehicle edition
・ N gauge optional parts
・ N gauge track edition
・ N gauge structure
・ HO gauge edition

・ Layout supplies
・ Information (Hobby Center Kato, custom shop, ASSY parts, online shop, mail order, repair request)
·price list
・ KATO registered dealer list
・ KATO Archives 2018-2020
・ Railway model glossary