Kato 3-111 HO R730 Track Set for Double Tracking
Kato 3-111 HO R730 Track Set for Double Tracking

Kato 3-111 HO R730 Track Set for Double Tracking

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Double track HO starter set and HO master 1 (HM1)!
- Of course, you can also play as a single-track endless R730!

-We have assorted the basic HO Unitrack tracks so that you can easily enjoy the original "fun of running" model railroads even with HO gauge.
-Since it is reasonably priced, it is recommended not only for users who are developing from N gauge, but also for those who are about to start model railroading.
-All sets come with an instruction manual (quick starter guide), so even beginners can easily enjoy the fun of HO gauge.

-The HV-1 R730 endless double track set is a track set that can be easily expanded and deployed from the basic starter set and HM-1 R670 endless track set, and is a set that adds double tracks inside the basic endless track.
-Simultaneous running of 2 trains is possible with the HO Unitrack standard double track spacing of 60 mm. The curved track radius is 730mm, so you can enjoy a more relaxed train run. If two trains run simultaneously on the two inner and outer lines, a power pack is required for each line.
Power Pack Hyper D is recommended for additional purchase.

-The HO Unitrack is an assembled track with track bed for HO gauge that is both realistic and easy to use, realizing the desire to run HO gauge vehicles easily.
-It has features such as reliable connection, easy electrical wiring, stable running performance, high durability, realistic appearance, and excellent development potential, and is easy to handle and satisfying for beginners to veteran fans.
● Can be used for a wide range of applications, from modular layouts to full-fledged fixed layouts, as well as floor layouts.

【set content】
- Straight line 246mm × 7
-Feeder line 246mm x 1
-Curved track R730mm22.6°×16
-Relayer x 1