Kato 3-131 HO HV21 3-Color Light Signal
Kato 3-131 HO HV21 3-Color Light Signal
Kato 3-131 HO HV21 3-Color Light Signal

Kato 3-131 HO HV21 3-Color Light Signal

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New item "3-lamp automatic traffic light S" will appear in the HO Unitrack. It is a track accessory for running and enjoying. Similar to the existing (N) 3-light automatic traffic signal, in addition to the simplicity required by the assembled layout, it is a product that can be enjoyed in both the reality of play with the separately sold stop signal button (used for departure signals, etc.).

Product information
● HV21 HO Unitrack 3-lamp automatic traffic light S set
- 2 sets of 3-light automatic traffic lights S and assortment of necessary peripherals.
-If you add it to your existing power pack and unitrack track, you can immediately enjoy the charm of automatic traffic lights.
・HV21 set contents
3-light automatic traffic light S x 2, straight track 123 mm x 2, stop signal button x 1, automatic traffic light power x 1, accessory adapter x 1, traffic light extension cord x 2

● (HO) 3-light automatic traffic light S (2 pieces)
-A 3-light traffic signal is installed on the left side of the track (wooden sleeper specification) of the same length as the straight track S123.
・Single operation type for each unit. The power supply uses the existing #24-844 automatic signal power supply, and the #24-845 signal extension cord (90 cm) can also be used.
- The touch sensor + timer method reproduces the lighting operation accompanying the passing of the vehicle.
- When the rail is energized in reverse with respect to the signal, "red" is lit, and when it is not energized, "blue" is lit.
Equipped with a connector output terminal on the back side of the trackbed for additional traffic signals. Signals can be distributed in series, so it is easy to add more signals.
・DCC is also supported. It can be easily used by switching the switch on the back side of the track bed.
(The lighting operation is always "blue" regardless of the direction of travel of the vehicle, and switches from "red" to "yellow" to "blue" as the vehicle passes.)

● Stop signal button (1 piece included)
・A new concept item that focuses on reality and playfulness.
・The setting is connected to a 3-light traffic light with a connector. (Tweezers are required separately.)
・When you press the button, "red" lights up forcibly. When the button is released, the display switches from "red" to "blue" and the normal timer operation resumes.
・Exclusively for automatic traffic light S type.
*It does not fit the existing #20-605 3-light automatic traffic light for N.
・Use the #20-654 sensor line extension cable (1m) to extend the distance between the traffic light and the button.