Kato 3-515 (HO)Series 24 "Hokutosei" 4-Car Baisc Set
Kato 3-515 (HO)Series 24 "Hokutosei" 4-Car Baisc Set
Kato 3-515 (HO)Series 24 "Hokutosei" 4-Car Baisc Set

Kato 3-515 (HO)Series 24 "Hokutosei" 4-Car Baisc Set

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(HO) Series 24 Sleeper Limited Express `Hokutosei` 4-Car Basic Set

In 1988, along with the opening of the Seikan Tunnel connecting Honshu and Hokkaido, it appeared as a sleeper limited express connecting Ueno and Sapporo. The service is similar to that of a hotel, and was well received, with three round trips being operated at its peak. Due to the birth of [Cassiopeia], the number of round trips was reduced to 1 round trip in 2006, and the organization at the end of regular operation was the lobby and private room B sleeper, etc. Cars 1 to 6 belonged to JR Hokkaido, dining car ( Grand Chariot) and private room A sleepers, cars 7 to 11 and power supply cars were composed of vehicles belonging to JR East.

-In line with the release of the latest AC/DC electric locomotive EF510 Hokutosei Color, which will be released from KATO,
"Perfect passenger car set!"
- "HO that you can play every day" that doesn't stick to full organization. With a set configuration that is familiar and easy to play, the basics are
Appeared as a 4-car set.
-Following the locomotive's minimum passage radius of 360 mm, you can easily play on the table even with a passenger car.
Achieving light driving performance. Driving on a sharp curve is a bogie mount coupler (sold separately) (locomotive /
(for passenger cars) is possible.
-In addition to the 4 cars in the basic set, we have prepared a single car that you can add to and enjoy a "full formation with a model".
Ohane 25 560 Duet A sleeper car with 13 private room B beds for two people.
Add 1 to 3 cars depending on your preference.
 Suhane 25 500 Solo Lobby A private room for one person with B bed and a public space lobby corner
Equipped sleeping car.
Ohanefu 25 add-on type open type B sleeping car that fits between the power supply car and Orohane 24.
 The tail light/tail mark does not light up because it is for intermediate hematopoiesis.
-The body number is printed up to the model name. The car number uses the included lettering sheet.
-The side destination display is standard with [Hokutosei Sapporo]. A replacement "Hokutosei Ueno" is included.
-Coupling is standard, equipped with KATO coupler expansion and contraction self-contained type.