Kato 3-522 (HO) Series 24 "Yumekukan" (3-Car)
Kato 3-522 (HO) Series 24 "Yumekukan" (3-Car)
Kato 3-522 (HO) Series 24 "Yumekukan" (3-Car)

Kato 3-522 (HO) Series 24 "Yumekukan" (3-Car)

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(HO) Series 24 "Yumekukan"

Following the success of the"Hokutosei," the three cars were manufactured by JR East in 1989 to examine the trend of the next generation of limited express sleeping cars. In March of the same year, they were displayed at the Yokohama Exotic Showcase, and in October guests of the World Congress on Railway Research drove in them. Afterwards, they were turned into a restaurant in front of Kaihimmakuhari Station, but in January 1991they started regular commercial operation with the "Hokutosei Tomamu Ski" train. Following that, the " Yumekukan" operated as extra trains for the "Hokutosei" on the route between Tokyo and Sapporo, and also drove to other places like San'in and Kyushu. The cars were withdrawn in March 2009 and the dining car and lounge car are being preserved in a mall in Saitama, while the sleeping car functions as a restaurant in Tokyo.
Modeled with their indoor furnishings, such as the curtains and lamps. Enjoy running the Yumekukan with the Hokutosei by coupling them to the '1-323 (HO) EF81 81 "Hokutosei"(North Star) color', which will be released at the same time, and the '(HO) Series 24 Sleeper Express "Hokutosei"'!

①The long awaited H0 models of the "Yumekukan," which were produced by JR East in 1989 as next generation luxurious passenger cars, are finally here!

②ORoNe 25 901 "Deluxe Sleeping Car"
・The wall of the corridor inside the train is separated by color, with the top half being cream and the lower half and the doors to the private rooms light brown.
・The side window in the private rooms shows the curtains.

③OHaFu 25 901 "Crystal Lounge Supremo"
・The bogie and floor are black.
・The interior chair parts, consisting of the sofa, piano, and counter (in ivory), and the floor (in blue) are separate parts.
・Recreated with both the shades and the curtains, which are pulled to the side.
・Lamps in four spots that light up.

④Oshi 25 901 "Dining Car"
The table and chairs (in ivory) are separate parts.
The floor as well as the lower half of the walls in the private rooms and kitchen are colored red-brown while the upper half is cream.
・Curtains in the side windows in the dining area.
・Every table lamp lights up.

⑤The rear mark and taillight light up by using white LED lamps.

⑥Comes with four headmarks ("Yumekukan," "Hokutosei," "Hokutosei Tomamu Ski," "Yumekukan Wakura").