Kato 3005-1 EH10 Electric Locomotive N Scale
Kato 3005-1 EH10 Electric Locomotive N Scale

Kato 3005-1 EH10 Electric Locomotive N Scale

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In 1954, four prototypes of the two-car connected EH10, Japans first H-class electric locomotive with 8-axis, were released and a total of 64 locomotives were manufactured by 1957.
The box-shaped body without a deck, the inclined front window, the two-axis bogies, etc. made the EH10 Japans state-of-the-art machine at the time. In terms of its mechanisms and performance is still had the characteristics of older electric locomotives.
One of the main features of the EH10 is its black body with yellow stripes – a unique paint scheme that was not used on other electric locomotives.
This locomotive is recommended as a traction machine for freight cars from the JNR era, but you can enjoy driving the EH10 with all of your favorite freight cars.The headlight of this product has been changed to a bulb color LED, the skirt structure has been revised, and the replacement coupler has been changed to a knuckle coupler. No other specifications have been changed from the previously produced model.


● Precise representation of the mass-production version of the prototype
● High brightness LED employed for the headlight
● Two cars coupled up and driven by 8-axles just like the prototype
● Blackened wheels
● Inside the cab is represented. So a driver figure can be placed there.
● Equipped with body-mounted coupler (Kato coupler adaptor can be used optionally.)