Kato 3013-1  Electric Locomotive ED76 0 Late Stage  N Scale
Kato 3013-1  Electric Locomotive ED76 0 Late Stage  N Scale

Kato 3013-1 Electric Locomotive ED76 0 Late Stage N Scale

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ED76 0 was an AC electric locomotive first made in 1965. Based on the distinguished AC engine ED75, the body was lengthened to install a steam generator for warming the coaches. To support the increased body weight due to loading water and fuel for the steam generator, an extra unpowered middle truck was furnished. The locomotive is characterized with the larger body corresponding to an F model although it is a D model. By adjusting the air suspender pressure, the locomotive could be used even on track which standard was low.

Locomotive ED76 0 was in service as an engine dedicated to Kyushu, as many as 94, across Kyushu pulling freight, local passenger trains as well as sleeper blue train, as the electrified areas expanded. Even after the JNR’s privatization, 36 engines were taken over by JR Kyushu, belonged to Oita engine depot and pulled freight trains as well as passenger trains including sleeper blue trains.

● ED76 0 late model
-Reproduce the male figure of ED76 active in the AC electrified line section of Kyushu
-Expressing the figure equipped with the lower frame crossing type pantograph (PS102C) after the 55th machine called the late type
-Complex roof wiring peculiar to AC machines is realistically reproduced with KATO's original metal wire + green insulator.
・ Expressing white H rubber in the JNR era
-Represents the driver's cab. It is also possible to mount a driver doll.
-Accurately expresses beautiful coloring, a fearless car body, handrails and release levers.
-The roof is realistically reproduced with a copper-colored high-voltage line on a light green insulator.
-Beautifully express the car body notation by printing.
・ License plate is selectable 60, 66, 87, 94
・ Manufacturer's plate selection type Toshiba, Mitsubishi
・ Quick head mark included ・ ・ ・ Kyushu type curved head mark is used
・ "Hayabusa" "Fuji"
・ Headlights on
・ Equipped with flywheel
・ Uses black wheels
-Arnold coupler standard equipment. KATO knuckle coupler included
・ Train radio antenna is not included