Kato 3034-4 EF210 100 Single-Armed Pantograph  N Scale

Kato 3034-4 EF210 100 Single-Armed Pantograph N Scale

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3034-4 EF210 100 single-armed pantograph
DC Electric Locomotive EF210, which represents JR Freight, made the debut in 1993. Car No. 100 to 199 was additionally equipped with brake unit and large air filters on the sides. On top of that, Car No. 109 or more had the pantograph changed into a single-armed pantograph. A nickname was adopted to this locomotive for the first time as to a JR locomotive signified by “ECO POWER Momotaro (The peach body)” logo drawn on the sides.

● EF210 100 Single-armed pantograph
● 1.Selectable number plates will be supplied as a separate part “114” “122” “126” “132”
● 2.Driving motor unit with flywheel realizes powerful and smooth run.
● 3.Beautiful color scheme with separately painted blue and gray bold body heavy truck mechanism precisely reproduced
● 4.“ECO-POWER Momotaro” (Peach Boy) logo beautifully printed on body sides. Various letterings and JR mark already painted in the factory
● 5.Complex and 3D effective details such as filters fine rooftop grills precisely reproduced
● 6.Handrails release lever made as separate parts. Arnold coupler is equipped. Knuckle coupler supplied with the product.
● 7.Accessory parts (for user to install): Whistle smoke pod lightning rod train wireless antenna GPS antenna handrails release lever
● EF210 Container Train Starter Set
● 1.Selectable Number Plates made as separate parts with car numbers “114” “122” “126” “132”
● 2.The other detail parts than number plates already installed in the factory
● 3.Set of 2 cars KOKI 210 and KOKI 107
● 4.Power Pack Standard SX with increased power of 1.2A and AC adaptor dedicated to Starter Set employed