Kato 3066-8 Electric Locomotive EF81 “Hokutosei” (North Star)  N Scale
Kato 3066-8 Electric Locomotive EF81 “Hokutosei” (North Star)  N Scale

Kato 3066-8 Electric Locomotive EF81 “Hokutosei” (North Star) N Scale

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Kato will make a scale model of EF81 “North Star” which is still popular as a renewed variation.
EF81 was newly manufactured in 1968 as an electric locomotive which could be driven through three kinds of electrified areas and operated on Japan Sea line, Joban line and in Kammon region. When the operation of Sleeper Limited Eexpress “North Star” was started in 1988, the locomotive was selected to draw the train between Ueno and Aomori, and in October of the year, the locomotive was changed into the paint scheme of red body color with a silver shooting star and pulled the limited express, until it was replaced by EF510 in the summer of 2010. Even now part of the paint scheme locomotive remains and is used to pull “Cassiopeia Cruise” train, etc. This is indispensable as one of the series EF81 locomotives.


Features Features
-Hokutosei color appears in the new power EF81 lineup. The prototype is from 2000 to 2009.
-Beautifully reproduce the appearance with the shooting star mark on the body of Red No. 2 (including the side window)
-Faithfully reproduce the vertically long electric warming indicator and the removal trace of the Joban wireless antenna on the roof
-The color of the insulator is reproduced in green
● Power unit with flywheel provides stable and powerful traction
● Arnold coupler standard equipment. Includes replacement knuckle coupler
● Headlights on. The LED of the light unit adopts the color of the light bulb
-H rubber of each part of the car body is reproduced in black
● Selectable maker's plate: "Hitachi" "Mitsubishi Electric + Mitsubishi Heavy Industries"
● Supports quick marks. Includes "Hokutosei" and "Elm" head marks
● Selectable license plate: "86" "93" "96" "98"