Kato 3089-1 Electric Locomotive EF65 1000 Early  N Scale
Kato 3089-1 Electric Locomotive EF65 1000 Early  N Scale

Kato 3089-1 Electric Locomotive EF65 1000 Early N Scale

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Kato will make the N-scale model of Electric Locomotive EF65-1000 Early which was widely seen pulling passenger and cargo trains. This locomotive is a multipurpose DC electric locomotive for flatland which was from the start designed in consideration of operation in tandem and in cold regions. It could draw both of passenger trains and freight trains so as to be operated drawing local trains, blue night trains, normal cargo trains and high speed cargo trains. 

- The prototypes were No.1023-No.1039 during 1987s
- Completely renewed toolings of body, roof and skirt



・ The prototypes of No. 1023 to 1039 from the time of new production to around 1987.
・ New body production. Reproduced in the form of a narrow step width at the bottom of the penetrating door with an internal swivel taillight and a front vent.
・ New roof production. Reproduce the appearance of low run board without fan cover. The roof color is reproduced in blue.
-Reproduce the form of signal flame tube gray, whistle cover blue, H rubber gray.
-The front window vertical rail and wiper are reproduced in silver.
・ Newly made skirts. Reproduce the form with KE59 jumper stopper.
-Beautifully reproduces the body color composed of Blue No. 15 and Cream No. 1.
-Reproduce front hand scratches and release lever (black) with separate parts. All installed.
・ Headlight is on. Light bulb color LED is adopted.
・ Uses a power unit with a flywheel. Realizes stable running.
-Arnold coupler standard equipment, replacement knuckle coupler included.
・ Selectable manufacturer's plate: `` Kawasaki Heavy Industries + Fuji Electric '' `` Toyo Electric + Motor Company ''
・ Selectable number plate: `` 1027 '' `` 1030 '' `` 1033 '' `` 1039 ''
-Quick head mark compatible. Includes "Akebono" and "Tsubasa" head marks.