Kato 3092-1 EF210 300 Electric Locomotive N Scale
Kato 3092-1 EF210 300 Electric Locomotive N Scale

Kato 3092-1 EF210 300 Electric Locomotive N Scale

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Kato will make a scale model of the latest version electric locomotive EF210 300s.
EF210 300s is a DC electric locomotive 100s which appeared in 2013 added with the function of pushing train from the rear on a slope as a successor of assistant locomotive EF67 operated to cross the pass between Seno and Hachihonmatsu of the Sanyo mainline.
To pull train in the front, the locomotive is furnished with couplers and large bumpers on the both ends, making the locomotive 400 mm longer and the shape of skirts different compared with 100s. It is characterized by the totally different and new body color, horizontal yellow bands and a newly designed Momotaro (peach boy) lettering on the sides.
The locomotive is seen not only as a single tractor but also in tandem followed by the other, sometimes, drawing a container freight train of KOKI 107, etc.

● EF210 100 Single-armed pantograph
● 1.Selectable number plates will be supplied as a separate part “114” “122” “126” “132”
● 2.Driving motor unit with flywheel realizes powerful and smooth run.
● 3.Beautiful color scheme with separately painted blue and gray bold body heavy truck mechanism precisely reproduced
● 4.“ECO-POWER Momotaro” (Peach Boy) logo beautifully printed on body sides. Various letterings and JR mark already painted in the factory
● 5.Complex and 3D effective details such as filters fine rooftop grills precisely reproduced
● 6.Handrails release lever made as separate parts. Arnold coupler is equipped. Knuckle coupler supplied with the product.
● 7.Accessory parts (for user to install): Whistle smoke pod lightning rod train wireless antenna GPS antenna handrails release lever