Kato 40-802 Road Surface Trajectory Expansion Set N Scale

Kato 40-802 Road Surface Trajectory Expansion Set N Scale

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KATO, Unitram orbit extension set.

By adding it to the starter set and V50, it will be a set that extends the orbit including the roads / premises and extends the layout.
Extension of the linear part can be freely set by combination of parts of different linear lengths S186 and S124.
It is possible to deepen the depth in the scene such as increasing number of electric shocks and fulfilling the cityscape.
Contents ... Linear road surface trajectory S124 × 4, linear road surface trajectory S186 × 2.
One of the straight road surface trajectory S186 is with a crosswalk.
Road plates (cityscape) are attached to both sides of the track.
※ To enjoy this set please prepare V50 · vehicle · power pack separately.

Unitram is a compact tabletop layout system that enables you to enjoy making towns around the road surface (tram) with the N-gauge railroad model.
Basically adopt the same standard as the UNITRACK line system.
Line length, height, track bed width, connection (unjoiner), rail section, etc. are the same.

[Contents of set] Unitram orbit plate, various Joiner, median strip, 1 type of center pole, road fence, street light, traffic light, instruction manual