Kato 40-814 TV4 Unitram Straight Track Set N Scale
Kato 40-814 TV4 Unitram Straight Track Set N Scale

Kato 40-814 TV4 Unitram Straight Track Set N Scale

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TV4 Unitram Straight Track Set
This new set #40-803 TV3 is Unitram Straight Track Expansion Set V53 revised in the components. Have fun joining plates and enjoying the sight of trams passing through a cityscape. Build a city all to your liking by freely adding cars, buildings, and figurines.

<40-803 Unitram Railroad Expansion Set V53> has been redesigned and is now available.
- Unitram is a compact table top layout (diorama) system that allows you to enjoy town planning centered on road tracks (trams) with N gauge.
-You can easily enjoy the scene of the streetcar running in the city by combining plates.
-It is possible to create the cityscape you imagine by adding cars, structures (buildings), and dolls.
-We will release the package size of each product compactly.
-You can enjoy the scene of trams in combination with the basic set TV1, Unitram Starter Set, and TV5 scheduled to be released at the same time.

[Product Features]
-It has a function to change from Unitram's double track spacing of 25mm to Unitrack's standard double track spacing of 33mm, and you can enjoy driving unique to LRT, which is direct operation between combined tracks (city trains) and dedicated tracks (suburban trains). increase.
-It is possible to reproduce the scene as if it were a railroad crossing on a main street by incorporating it into a normal unitrack layout.
- 40-823 Unitram expansion set Remove the plate equivalent to the street corner and change to a compact size
-With the same standard as the [Geo Town] series, you can create a town with a story just by placing your favorite structure and arranging vehicles and dolls.

【set content】
- Dedicated boundary line 124 mm × 2
- Straight track plate 62 mm Dedicated boundary × 2
- Straight track plate 62mm × 1
-Straight road plate 186mm with pedestrian crossing x 4
-Intersection central road x 2
- Median strip x 1 set for pedestrian crossing
- Overhead pole × 1 set
-Road fence x 2 sets
- Signal × 2 sets
-Street light x 1 set
-Tram Joiner x 2
- Plate joiner A × 13
● Manual

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