Kato 4570 SARO 481 Late  N Scale

Kato 4570 SARO 481 Late N Scale

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The 485 series of limited express trains representing the Japanese National Railways. The 481 series AC/DC limited express train that appeared in 1964 was the forerunner, and in 1968 the 485 series capable of running both 50 and 60 Hz AC was developed, running from Hokkaido to Kyushu, excluding Shikoku. Contributed greatly to interregional transport throughout the country. The style of the top car Kuha 481 started with a bonnet shape, passed through the front penetration type 200 series, and became a non-penetration type 300 series, and became popular as the face of the JNR limited express. In addition, the intermediate cars Moha 484/485, Salo 481, and Sashi 481 have changed the cooler type since 1972, and the style on the roof has changed greatly.

[Product Features]
-The 2-car add-on set reproduces the appearance of the late model called the 200 series with the 2-car set of the intermediate electric vehicle Moha 484/485.
●Mushroom type cooler AU12 for early type, Moha484 for later type with centralized type cooler AU71A, and Moha485 for distributed type AU13E.
-A body mount type KATO coupler (with hook) is standard equipment at the intermediate connection part of each car.

【set content】
- Single item: Saha 481 13, Salo 481 72