Kato 5128-2 Ohafu 33 Passenger Car Blue N Scale
Kato 5128-2 Ohafu 33 Passenger Car Blue N Scale

Kato 5128-2 Ohafu 33 Passenger Car Blue N Scale

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One of the passenger car forms representing national railways.
In 1949, it appeared in a structure heavily used with welding, round roof, cabin window of 1 m wide, TR23 type truck, welding.
Ohani 36 type is a vehicle belonging to the Oha 61 series which was manufactured as a mother body, steel bodyized passenger car Ohani 63 shape which appeared in 1955 (1955), for structural line for the local line. However, since it was originally designed for use as a honorable train, the rooms are built to comply with Suha 43 system for express trains. Transportation to the TR 52 type truck was carried out from Showa 31 (1956), because the TR 11 type truck which was originally equipped was not suitable for high speed driving, it became an Ohani 36 form.
The range of activity was wide, from the express train to the ordinary train, I was able to see its success in the line section nationwide.

- It seems to be an old-style passenger car, faithfully reproduces a solid style which uses many rivets
● Nostalgic coloring now, beautifully reproduces the standard paint color of the national rail old general type passenger car
● Brown is a wooden door with original image of the vehicle. Blue adopts the shape of a metal door with H rubber in the image of the renewal vehicle.
● Standard equipment equipped with lighting type taillights (with off switch) is provided for the slowdown vehicles (Ohafu 33, Suhani 32, Ohani 36)
● Suhani 32 and Ohani 36 faithfully reproduce the grid (protective rod) of the medium loading door unique to the packed passenger car, the window of the luggage compartment.
● All vehicles Arnold coupler standard equipment