Kato 5133-1 Passenger Car Suha 43 Brown  N Scale

Kato 5133-1 Passenger Car Suha 43 Brown N Scale

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Series Suha 43 was mass-produced in more than 1,000 cars, a passenger car which represents Japan National Railways.
As it had been manufactured in a long period, it could be seen in verious versions in terms of painting and conversion all over Japan, used for express trains as well as for local trains.

-Beautifully reproduces the standard paint color of the old JNR general passenger car, which is now a nostalgic coloring

● Brown is the original pressed door. Blue adopts the shape of the metal door with the updated H rubber.
-The ventilator is made into a separate part to realistically reproduce the roof
● Improved details of the dolly, such as placing the brake shoes in the back
● Brake van (Suhafu 42) is equipped with a lighting taillight as standard equipment.
● Suspension mechanism
● Uses black wheels ● Accessories Driver for switching off switch
● All vehicles Arnold coupler standard equipment
● Compatible with make-up parts
● Car number and affiliation notation