Kato 5142 Coach OHA 50  N Scale
Kato 5142 Coach OHA 50  N Scale

Kato 5142 Coach OHA 50 N Scale

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The 50 Series General Passenger Car was created in 1977 to replace the old car and improve transportation and safety. The conventional narrow manual doors have become wide automatic doors, and the entrance and exit areas have long seats, greatly improving the convenience and safety of getting on and off. It was nicknamed the “Red Train” from the body painted on Red No. 2, and was used for commuting to work near local cities.

50 series
-Reproduced a prototype of the 2000-series electric heating equipment belonging to the Fukushima Passenger Wagon in the original form of the JNR era, the original Oha 50 series passenger car, nicknamed "Red Train".
-In addition to the active combination with the ED78 and EF71 at the Ou Main Line and Itaya Pass, it is possible to reproduce the figure played with various locomotives nationwide.
-Despite its simple appearance, the vivid "Aka No. 2" paint that distinguishes it from conventional passenger cars has been reproduced in the name of "Red Train".
-For both OHA50 and OHAF50, prints include slippery shoes, silver on the door rails, and H rubber on the direction curtain preparation section and toilet odor-eliminating windows.
-The Oahu 50 equipped with a crew cabin is equipped with a standard tail light (both sides) and a switch off. The side to be lit can be selected.
・ Inspection notation is printed on the wife side of Oahu 50. The Oahu 50, which is an intermediate car of the basic set, does not have tail lights.
・ The Arnold coupler is standard on a bogie mount. Holes are set on the floorboard for mounting the body mount coupler.