Kato 5143 Red Passenger Ohafu 50 N Gauge
Kato 5143 Red Passenger Ohafu 50 N Gauge
Kato 5143 Red Passenger Ohafu 50 N Gauge
Kato 5143 Red Passenger Ohafu 50 N Gauge

Kato 5143 Red Passenger Ohafu 50 N Gauge

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Series 50 is a general-purpose passenger car that appeared in 1978. It is the driving force behind the modernization of passenger car transportation, replacing the passenger trains that were operated mainly by old-fashioned passenger cars in local metropolitan areas. It was nicknamed " Red Train "because of the paint color of Red No. 2, which overturns the conventional image. It has a modern body with automatic doors and semi-cross seats on the unit windows, which has contributed to alleviating congestion and improving safety, and has been active nationwide along with Hokkaido's 51-type passenger cars in regional lines.

The 50 series 51 type passenger car appeared for Hokkaido in 1979, and a total of 130 cars were manufactured and started operation of the main trunk line of Hokkaido, and continued to be active in a wide range from Hakodate to Wakkanai in the north and Abashiri in the east. However, in 1994, I retired before the 50 series for warm regions. It is an indispensable vehicle when talking about Hokkaido during the JNR era.

The 50 series passenger car upgrade parts consist of the roof of the vehicle, which is often seen from above, divided into separate parts for the roof plate and ventilator. By replacing it with the roof plate (integrated with the ventilator) of the product, further refinement can be achieved. Please enjoy it together.
Oha 50 / Ohafu 50
-Reproduce the 2000 series electric heating equipped car belonging to the Fukushima passenger freight car ward in the original form of the JNR's last general type passenger car Oha 50 series, which is nicknamed "Red Train".
-Although it has a simple appearance, the vivid "Red No. 2" paint that sets it apart from conventional passenger cars is reproduced as the name "Red Train".
・ For both Oha 50 and Ohafu 50, the silver of shoe slips and door rails, and the H rubber of the direction curtain preparation part and the toilet odor removal window are expressed by printing.
-Ohafu 50 equipped with a crew room is equipped with tail lights as standard equipment (both sides) / off switch. You can select the side to light up
・ Inspection notation printed on the wife side of Ohafu 50
-The coupler is standard equipment on the bogie mount Arnold coupler. Set holes for body mount coupler mounting on the floor board
・ Accessories: Driver for turn-off switch